Saturday, August 12, 2017

How to add more fingers to the touch id on Samsung device.

Hello Friends,
         How you guys are doing?? Well again it has been too long and I have been busy as usual but here I am again with a DIY video on "How to add more fingers to your fingerprint scanner or touch id than the slots that have been provided".

Let me make it clear I have a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime and it has touch id, but the problem is that it only accepts 3 fingers scans because it has only 3 slots for scanning provided by the company. 

So as you can see I only have 3 options here. but here in this video, I am going to teach you guys how to use more than 3 fingers to feed in your finger print scanner. Watch the video and do it yourself. 

You tube link

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Opentalk..... Let's Talk.

Communication is the best skill that we humans have developed in the long time of our evolution. We communicate to love, share our feelings, to know each other, to learn and much more. Technology has been a great aid to our day to day life and so have they helped us in the field of communication. Gone are those days when we had to send a messenger on the back of a horse or an eagle or pigeon to deliver our message. Today we are just a click away from our loved ones and our messages today can be visual, audio or text and this miracle has only be possible because of the latest applications and programming.

Here I am today to review such an app that has become the latest sensation in the field of communication and this app is the “Opentalk app”. This app specializes in voice caling and you can connect to any one around the world using this app. The app is free and it is available on android and apple platform. You can download the app from the Play store or the App store. 
Opentalk on App Store.

Opentalk on Play store.

So now that we have downloaded the app from the play store we are good to go. Open the app and you can find the log in option. The app only supports Facebook log in now so just go ahead and click on login with Facebook.

Once you are inside the app it asks for your preferences on what would you like to talk about and the app will connect you to random people around the world who are looking for a companion to talk on the same preferences. 

Once you have set your preferences just select from the list (you can select more then one) and then click on talk now and it start searching for people from the same preference and connect you to then via a voice call.

I have used the app myself and I have really enjoyed it. You will too if you love making new friends or sharing cultures or if you are interested in different languages. You can also check your profile from the profile tab.

What I likes about the app
  • It is user friendly easy to sign in and use.
  • It can help you learn new things from your home
  • meet new people
  • free of cost

What I didn't like about the app and suggestions
  • The app can only be log in using Facebook and thus it should have portals to sign in using email or your google account. 
  • The app can also use a feature of video calling.
I thing other then this the app is perfect from each and every angle. Download today and see it for yourself. 

Download link for Android Play store or just click the link

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

iCloud DNS Server Bypass @ !!!Electrica!!!

Hey friends,

   How have you been?? Hope the New Year is treating you well, for me it has been ok so far. Well I am here today with my first Video blog. Although I have embedded videos in my blog before but this one is special because it is a self tutorial video by me. 

Few days ago my younger brother got cheated when he bought an used iPad. The iPad was in a mind condition but he didn't check that the iPad was locked on iCloud and now it's completely useless. 

 Apple has the best security in the world no doubt and thus an Ios gadget locked on Ios can't be unlocked. But it can be used (partially) by a simple DNS server Bypass and this video tutorial will help you to use your iCloud locked devices partially.  Please check the Video below and do it yourself in few easy steps.

Youtube Link

DNS IP address
Language English
Region United States

If someone anyone has a better working solution please do let me know. My brother still believes that someday I will break the iCloud lock and he may be able to use this iPad again. So it a request if anyone has any idea please share.

Suggestions, questions and Ideas are welcome. Ping me @ 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

When I found my #MagicOfWarmth moment with my Dad!!!

“He grabbed me by my arms pulled me near and hugged me too tight that I could hear his as well as my heart beating at a very rapid pace.”

A guy is not always close to his father and lucky are those who really are close to their fathers. For me dad was always a respectable figure and only a respectable figure. I never in my childhood got a chance to get close to him. The reason behind it was me being only child in the house full of elders and a lot of love was showered on me. I was pampered in any possible way. God I miss my childhood! My grandparents were no ordinary human being because I know that a normal person can’t love someone other than themselves so much. Being the only child I was a small atom bomb with big disastrous qualities. My dad was the only person on this earth whom I was afraid and the only one who was cable of handling this bomb and that was the main reason I never got a chance to get close to him. I got all the love and care from others and never realized that I was getting away from my dad and when I was old enough to realize it, it was too late by then.

My grandpa was a reputed police man and a man in power so ultimately he was like a JIO sim card for my life everything and anything free whenever and wherever I wanted. I was always a mischievous guy and a pure trouble magnet. I never got affected by those troubles though because of my grandpa and so things were getting out of control by every passing day.
I still remember an incident that changed me completely and that was also the day when I saw that my father really loved me and cared for me a lot. It was academic break from the school and for a kid in class 5 going to class 6 nothing could have been better. Freedom from school, tuitions, books and classes what else cloud I have possibly asked for? I was out playing cricket with my friends in an open field a bit away from my house. It was a friendly game with friends nothing serious until few guys from other locality arrived and asked for a friendly match between our teams. We were ready and exited because we knew no one had ever beat us here at our pitch and today it wasn’t going to be different.

We won the toss and elected to bowl first. We bowled the opposition out at a very low total and we were almost on the verge of winning. It went all wrong when I was purposely pushed while running between the wickets which resulted in some deep cuts on both my hand and on my knees. I was all adrenaline at that point of time. I picked up a wicket started hitting the guy who was responsible for my injuries. I gave him some solid blows on his back and bum. It was then my friend got hold of me and dragged me to a corner, my temper had calmed down by then and I was worried about my injuries because I was answerable for them to mumma.  

We all were so busy in ourselves that none of realized that the opposition team were up to something and we were going to be in some serious trouble. I saw few college students approaching us on 2 bikes and all of them looked dangerous. I recognized a few of them but rest were not from around. I asked one of my friends to run back to my house and tell everything that happened to my grandpa. One of the guy who was new to me came to me started abusing me I told him that it was not our fault and that they stated it. He was not willing to listen anything he came near me and started kicking me. I had the stumps in my hand I too defended myself but it was all in vain. I was too young to fight a grown up guy so I was there absorbing his blows. Suddenly I saw my dad running towards me, “He grabbed me by my arms pulled me near and hugged me too tight that I could hear his as well as my heart beating at a very rapid pace.” It all happened in a fraction of minute and I was so overwhelmed by that feeling that I didn’t realized what happened next. It was the #MagicOfWarmth moment for me. My dad slapped those guys and took out their bike keys and grabbed me again picked me up in his lap and walked back home. I really can’t describe that feeling in words. I was happy, sad, laughing and crying at the same time.

Later that evening those guys were caught by a police team and sent to lockup for a night until their parents took them home in the morning. I never understood what happened but something bonded between us. Today I still have my grandpa and he loves me the same way he did ages ago but I too have a father who loves me unconditionally and he is there for me always and forever. I have become a dad recently and today I find myself in my father’s shoes, I love my daughter but I am the only person she is scared of in the whole house.

I came across this beautiful video advertisement and it really was a throwback for me.   

“I’m blogging about my #MagicOfWarmth moment at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed Hot Oil

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Disassembling Acer Aspire 5755G notebook and changing a faulty Keyboard.

Hello there,

     Today we are going to disassemble Acer Aspire 5755G Notebook and change a faulty keyboard.

  • A screw driver set. It contains several drivers and can open almost anything.
  • Laptop obviously.
  • A bit of your Grey matter.
PS:- It is not my responsibility if you screw up your gadgets while trying out anything shown here. It will void your warranty for sure if the product is still in warranty. Anything and everything shown here has been first done and tested and then it has been posted here. Do it at your own risk.  

Step 1- Unscrew all the screw on the back of the laptop (See pic 1 and 2) there are a total of 17 screw that keeps the panel intact. Every single of them should be unscrewed or else you may break your laptop cabinet. Keep the screws separate at one place try not to loose them.

Step 2- Remove the RAM and Hard disk panel. there is a small cut on the panel from where you can open the panel. Once you open you will see your RAM and the hard disk, please try not to play with them let them as they are. Unscrew the 4 screws that has been marked see pic 3. Keep them separated from the first lot of the screws. the size of screws can vary and can only fit in its receptive places. Try to remember where which screw goes. if you can't remember just click a picture before unscrewing for your reference.  

Step 3- Push the battery release button to the left and try to take the battery out. Once done here you will find a set of other 5 small screws see Pic 4. Unscrew them and keep separately.  Now your back cabinet is all free of screws. Flip the laptop and now lets move ahead. 

Step 4- Try to separate the front cabinet from the back. Use a hard object or may be your nail to open it see pic 5. The Whole panel won't be coming out it's just the Touch Pad Panel which comes out. open the panel and pull forward gently. Don't apply to much pressure it will break the touch pad jack.

Step 5- Remove the touch pad connection from the board. Try not to snatch it. remove the holder first and pull the white ribbon short of stuff and it will be out See pic 6.

Step 6- Unscrew the only one screw rounded in the pic 7 and you are ready to open the keyboard tray.

Step 7- Lift the keyboard tray up and there you can see two more jacks. Left one is the Power button Jack and the Right one is the Key board jack See Pic 8. Open both of them and remove them.

Step 8- If you have to replace the keyboard only then you need to follow this step else you can continue unscrewing the mother board if you have to. 

In order to remove the Keyboard to replace it or remove it you will have to unscrew the 5 screws marked, See pic 9. Once unscrewed you can unlock the keyboard panels from the both side. The metal tray is locked up to the plastic tray and in order to remove the keyboard completely you need to unlock the both trays i.e. the upper and the lower one gently and there lies your keyboard in the between. 

Follow the reciprocal process to screw the things together. Just try not to be so hard on the screws while tightening it up it may break the cabinet. Screw up to the required positions and you are done.


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Thursday, December 22, 2016

iTunes cannot connect to the iPhone because an invalid response received from the device. help tips.

Holla Amigos,
                     It has been so long that I have blogged here something. Life has got busy, hell lot of busy after having a baby. My little angel is just 2 now and working on a lappy or cell phone is near to impossible when she is around. I am sure the new Parents would understand what I mean to say. Well leaving these things behind.

A few days ago i came across a new problem with my iPhone and iTunes. The problem was that my phone which I had updated to Ios 10.2 was not recognised by the iTunes. I tried restarting my phone, my laptop even resetting networking but nothing seemed to work. Every time I tried connecting it it used to send me a error message,"iTunes cannot connect to the iPhone because an invalid response received from the device."

After going deep into the issue I found out few reasons that could have been responsible for it. if one is stuck here they can try these too.

  1. Try restarting your system and phone as well and re try. Sometimes its just a simple glitch in the software that doesn't allow you to connect your phone to the iTunes. So restating the System (PC\Laptop) solves the problem. But one can't count on it because it doesn't seems to work always and for all. Well it didn't work for me at least.
  2. Try changing your USB wire because sometimes it seems not to work too and also try cleaning the port where the USB is inserted in the phone but be gentle 
  3. Try updating your iTunes. This is the life saver step if anything doesn't work out check your iTunes version and if you are running on an old version of iTunes just update it and wallah you are good to go. 
Moral of the story, Keep your iTunes updated and you may not face this problem on the very first place. 

ping me here or mail me @  if you have any suggestions or queries. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

The new fun Datsun Redi-Go crossover car.

We always want more out of life and whatsoever we never settle for the less. We go chicky and choosy in every field be it our home, clothing, food, gadgets or our car. We wish for the best and try to get the very best we can. That is why I choose The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO by Nissan. Now that is indeed a name one can trust on and so do me. I was planning to buy a car on my birthday but was very confused and wasn't able to pick a car for me until I can across this advertisement of this sexy beauty. It was love in first sight. The car amazed me so many ways and here I am going to talk about few of its features I like the most.

Starting from the exterior I would say that the car has been given a classy finish and it perfectly suits its sleek and curvy design. The metallic colour of the car makes it sexier. The car looks muscular and carries a great weight in itself. The curves are fantastic which looks more attractive with the led linings on either side of the car. The head lights are well elongated and have the power of the sun. The car has been manufactured keeping the Indian streets in the mind. The beauty has got a well and safe ground clearance which makes it perfect for the Indian roads. The front look of the car gives you a glimpse of a sport car with a very well designed D shaped grill and very wide front viewing glass.

You may be wondering that if the car has got a very beautiful exterior what it would have in the interiors. Well I understand your concern and dilemma. The car has a very beautiful interior too. The front deck is modernized and has a very compact and well organized look. The seats are built to the best comfort of the rider. The interior looks very well organized, neat and clean. The company cares about their customers a lot and has worked so well on the comfort of the customer. The car is spacious indeed and run smooth. The interior to has sporty look with well finished look, it is spacious like I said and has the capacity to accommodate five person and they can all be accommodated well with no trouble. It has its own music system and can play any files.

It would be not fare if I don't talk about the performance of the car. The car runs smooth and hassle less. It comes with five gear system and with a super smart engine system which has the capability to regulate the engine timing according to the power required and the fuel used. The car has been built with safety facilities too. Things like air bags in case of accident are available in the car. The seat has been well designed so as to provide the maximum comfort to the driver. It is going to be the best car in every terms be it safety, looks or performance. The beauty is so cool to drive. It is comfortable, easy and handy to handle the car. The air conditioning is superb and one can always feel the freshness in the air. I would like to go anywhere on this car with my family. It doesn't matter which part of the world it would be. I love long drives on wide open roads and that is my idea where I want to be with this car. For me the car is all in one super package of surprise which can thrill you and make you happy in many ways. I will definitely drive it in my own town and that would be my first purpose of buying this car. 

This car has been designed to beat the hectic Indian roadways condition like I said. It will overcome all the huddles and will be a safe and comfortable car to drive. The unique design and structure has been built to beat the urban condition. It consumes less fuel and gives a safe and comfortable ride all the way long. Datsun Redi-GO is the car that I have been waiting for and believe me it has been the car you have always wanted to drive.