Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Drive safe with Nissan

“It was too tough for me to open my eyes, was I dead or in coma or just had a long sleep? I asked myself. And suddenly I remembered being hit by a speeding car which lost it balance just to hit me and regained it to run away.”

According to the last report submitted by WHO around 13 people die every hour in a road mishaps in India. And not to be proud India leads the chart by being the number one on the list when it comes about total number of people dying due to road accidents.  And much small causality has been never accounted before. We are so careful and reasonable while we are driving or crossing the road. But it is not just us who we should think about. Yes responsibility on the road should not just be towards our selves but also towards the fellow drivers and pedestrians. The biggest question is that why should we care about others? Isn't it? When we can be safe by taking all the measures while we are out on the road why should we bother about others? Let me tell you a small story, a personal experience a scar I still deal with.

It was a fine morning and things were going on as usual. My Mom and Dad were out of town and were on a long vacation. I was left with my Daddu, my younger bro and my cousin bro. So that made four of us at home. Daddu gave me a call that his car tire has gone flat and the extra tire was at home as it was sent for puncture repairing this morning. And we were supposed to fetch the tire for him. So my younger bro Rajesh and me took out our bike and headed to the destination that was fed in our brain GPS. Daddu was somewhere 5 kilometres away from home and my cousin was driving the car.Suddenly a red Waganar came out of nowhere and rest I don’t remember. It was too tough for me to open my eyes, was I dead or in coma or just had a long sleep? I asked myself. And suddenly I remembered being hit by a speeding car which lost it balance just to hit me and regained it to run away. At the end of the day I ended up with 8 broken bones and 22 stitches on my body. I went through a physical and mental trauma for several months and yet today I can feel the same chills in my bones and my skin tissues.

Well was I responsible for that accident? Was I the person who was not following the traffic rules and speeding my vehicle in a crowded place. No not at all. I was so careful and consciously riding my bike out there but yet I became a victim. My dad once told me while I was learning how to ride a bike, “Beta iska dar nahihai kit um kisiko thok doge, dar ish baat ka hai ki kahin koi aur tumko nahi thok de”.  And he was 100% right.

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Nissan a very popular and well known car brand has stated a forum a campaign Nissan Safety Driving Forum. And this forum has taken the initiative to make people aware of their duties and responsibilities while they are out on the road not only for their own safety but for the safety of others out there too. This forum was started in 2012 with a motive of promoting safety driving activity. In its initial phase it covered three main Indian cities – New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai – and since then it has gradually expanded to several additional cities across India And the campaign is going to reach Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Jaipur, Vadodara, Nagpur, Chennai, Mangalore and Kochi this year. This campaign has motivated people for wearing seatbelts while driving and has succeed too. The campaign also conducts live session with real simulation to show the use of air bags and also usefulness of seatbelts when a car crashes. Under its Blue Citizenship CSR umbrella, NSDF by Nissan works to build awareness of safe driving in India and teaches driving safety and etiquette to people. For more details visit The Nissan Safety Driving Forum  (

Like NSDF we should also come up with new ideas to raise the awareness among the people like conducting live sessions about road safety and uses of seatbelts. The government should also be ready to deal with people who don't want to follow the rules. Every Vehicles  should be monitored for seatbelts and driving safety and the culprits should be fined so that others can take a lesson from it. The issuing of the driving license should also be monitored, only capable candidates should be given a driving license. Roads should have speed limit boards and check posts should be equipped with cameras and speed meter to monitor the rash drivers who are not only a threat to themselves but to others too. Traffic police should be very alert and should have a working communication system to communicate quick in times of emergencies. And at the end of the day it's our nation we should all be responsible to keep it safe from road accidents. 

"Life is precious weather ours or others and we all should preserve this gift of the God".    


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